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Juror expressions of interest for 2011 have now closed. The following information is useful for those who have been selected as jurors, and those who are interested to know more about the jury process.


"It was a privilege to be one of the many AFI jurors who each year spend many hours viewing and then discussing with colleagues and peers the creative strengths and the virtuosity of our industry's annual achievements. The results are a reflection of the collegiate essence that is at play in our industry

Robyn Kershaw. Producer. Robyn Kershaw. Producer.
AFI Award for Best Film winner, LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI. 2000
AFI Award for Best Film nominee, BRAN NUE DAE. 2010
Readers’ Choice Award nominee, BRAN NUE DAE. 2010


Jurors are required for the Feature Film Pre-Selection, Documentary, Television, Visual Effects, Young Actor and Short Fiction Film & Short Animation juries. Jurors play an integral role in selecting this year’s AFI Awards nominees and winners, each AFI Awards jury is created with representatives across all industry crafts.

If you are a professional member of the AFI you are eligible to become an AFI Awards juror. If you are not an AFI member, but are a member of another screen industry Guild we encourage you to consider taking part in the AFI Awards by becoming a professional AFI member.

Prospective jurors should be familiar with the 2011 AFI Awards Rule Book and entry guidelines (to be released shortly) and they should also not have any vested interest in any of the entries they will be assessing, and will be required to sign a statutory declaration to this effect.

Jurors will have a minimum of four to five weeks to view the relevant productions on DVD in their own homes. An independent auditor from Ernst & Young will attend all meetings.

Jurors’ names will be publicly released at the end of each year to ensure transparency and authenticity in the judging and voting process, however they will not be attributed to specific juries. In addition, all voting is conducted via secret preferential ballot and winners are not revealed by the scrutineer at any of the jury meetings.

As part of the jury process, jurors will be required to:

  • View all productions entered in their relevant category.
  • Assess and shortlist selections prior to the jury meeting.
  • Participate in a jury meeting. All jury meetings will occur in Melbourne (interstate jurors will participate via conference call).
  • If selected for the Television Grand Jury (comprised of jurors from the three Television juries), additional viewing and participation in one additional meeting will be required.
  • If selected for the Documentary Craft Jury (comprised of jurors from the three Documentary juries), additional viewing and participation in one additional meeting will be required.

As a guide here are each jury's viewing timelines.


Feature Film Pre-Selection June - July
Short Fiction Film & Short Animation June - July
Documentary [Series, Under One Hour and Feature Length] June - August
Television Drama September - October
Television Comedy & Light Entertainment Series September - October
Children's Television [Drama and Animation] September - October
Visual Effects September - October
Documentary Craft Jury September - October
Television Grand Jury October - November
Young Actor October - November


“I was honoured to be a juror last year for the 2010 AFI Awards - the experience was way beyond what I imagined. I found the process of watching many many Australian films indulgently satisfying - and then to be a part of the debating, discussion and juror process with other professionals; it was a really stimulating and enjoyable responsibility. A great respect and objectiveness was put forward by all members of the panel in order to reach a sometimes obvious, sometimes tricky list of nominees and eventual winner. For me, it was a great way to feel a sense of belonging and service to an Industry I am always grateful to be a part of.”

Bridie Carter. Actress.
Bridie Carter


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