Irreverent guest writer and AFI volunteer Michael McQueen takes a peek at some of the Australian content that’s on the box this year. Here he reports on his highlights. What will you be watching, and which shows might turn up in this year’s AFI Awards? Read on to speculate, and get that remote control handy – or that mouse, or that DVD player, because it’s a fact that this year the gap between television, DVD and the Internet gets even smaller, with more and more crossover between all platforms. There’s lots to look forward to and whether you’re watching your Australian content streamed, iViewed, box-setted or on plain old free-to-air telly, what we’ll continue to love is good storytelling, great characters, fresh information and entertaining formats.


Rochelle Siemienowicz
AFI Editor



 Australian Television 2010


14 April 2010


Hello TV tragics and vidiots! The 2010 ratings period is now in full swing and this year’s program schedule is throwing up some unholy unions. Talking trends, it’s not hard to see what the networks think will be on the money: food and felons are back in a big way. Master Chef has cast such a long and formidable shadow in the ratings war that all networks have busted a gut to dish up foodie-focused programming for a hungry audience of culinary converts. Nine’s lucrative Underbelly franchise has returned to the formula that made it a ratings smash the first time round; The Golden Mile promises more blood and boobs, guns and girls and cops and crims action whilst Wicked Love: the Maria Korp Story kept the ‘ripped from the headlines’ angle, ensuring prime time true crime for all the family.


2010 is also a bumper year for comedy: Talkin’ ‘bout Your Generation picks up where it left off, cruising high in ratings, whilst dastardly doggy Wilfred has made his long-awaited return to SBS. Wilfred star Adam Zwar will also appear in a new comedy ABC1 comedy series Lowdown, set in the world of celebrity tabloid journalism. Arising like a zombie from the earth, Hey Hey It’s Saturday will walk among us again with Nine dusting off Daryl after two well-received comeback specials (just don’t mention Michael Jackson). Good News Week struts its stuff again this year: the ever-irreverent Paul McDermott and company will also appear at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in April. Keep an eye out for Marieke Hardy’s new series Like a Virgin and park yourself on the couch for a new series of Rockwiz with Julia Zemiro and Brian Nankervis. There will also be fresh series returns for The Librarians (ABC), Swift and Shift Couriers (SBS) and later in the year new episodes of pay-TV comedies The Jesters (Movie Extra) and :30 Seconds (Comedy Channel).


Drama highlights to look out for include the highly anticipated mini-series Hawke, starring Richard Roxburgh as legendary PM and Asher Keddie as Blanche d’Alpuget. From the people who brought us Love My Way comes Spirited, a romantic comedy series with a supernatural twist starring Claudia Karvan; and a second series of the intergenerational drama Tangle, starring Kat Stewart, Justine Clarke, Matt Day and Catherine McClements. Also on the drama slate, Seven is now screening The Pacific, where a strong contingent of Aussie actors and locations will appear. And appearing on screens later in the year, will be new episodes of Seapatrol, Rush, City Homicide, Rescue Special Ops and Packed to the Rafters.


This run-down is by no means comprehensive, and with television stations keeping their scheduling a tightly held secret until the last minute, things are bound to shift and be added as the year progresses. For more information on particular programs check out the TV Schedule and stay tuned for updates.


You can browse your favourite programs by genre – just click on the headings below.






Underbelly: The Golden Mile

From Sunday 11 April, 8.30pm, Nine

The third instalment of the Underbelly franchise, The Golden Mile, promises a return to the winning form of the first season: blood-and-boobs controversy, intricate plotting and clever scripting. Set in the neon playground of King’s Cross, the beating heart of Sydney’s sleazy sex industry, The Golden Mile charts the rise and inevitable fall of John Ibrahim (Firass Dirani from The Combination) through glamorous nightclubs, drug-fuelled discos and seedy strip bars. Also starring Trevor Haken, Salvatore Coco, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Sigrid Thornton and Emma Booth Under Belly


TBA, Ten

The real surprise of entry of 2010 is this ambitious account of Bob Hawke’s Prime Ministership, reminiscent of the mini-series hey-days of Kennedy-Miller productions like The Dismissal and Bodyline. Richard Roxburgh steps into the shoes of the former trade union leader turned politician, whose infamous alcoholism and womanising play a part in what promises to be a brutally honest portrayal of Hawke’s successful years in Government and his terrible failures as a husband. Also stars Rachael Blake and Asher Keddie

The Pacific

Wednesdays, from 14 April, 8.30pm, Seven

Seven’s been threatening to screen this World War II miniseries for years and after having endured tram delays and blocked roads in the Melbourne CBD during its production, I’m anxious to see what all the fuss is about. Supported by hefty cash injections from producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, with significant investment from Film Victoria, the Seven/HBO venture promises a big-budget drama with gritty realism, glorious effects and a cast of hundreds. Look out for the Queensland locations and Australian actors like Gary Sweet, Claire Van der Boom, Isabel Lucas and Bill Hunter. pacific

Mid-2010, W (FOXTEL)

The production team behind Love My Way are at it again. John Edwards, Jacqueline Perske and Claudia Karvan return to FOXTEL with Spirited, a romantic comedy of sorts with a ghoulish twist. Newly divorced Suzy Darling (Karvan) moves into a new apartment only to find it’s haunted by the ghost of 80s rock legend Henry Mallet (Matt King). The two strike up a romance, but don’t expect any “Unchained Melody” moments. King’s Keef-ish good looks make for inspired casting and we’ve come to expect wonderful things from Karvan and Co. Also stars Rodger Corser. This should be a winner. spirited

Tangle, Series 2
Mid 2010, Showcase (FOXTEL)

Series 2 of popular drama Tangle went into production this February. The story of two generations of two families who collide and connect around a maze of love, sex, money and politics, this series sees stars Joel Tobeck, Justine Clarke and Kat Stewart return, joined by newcomers Don Hany, Kick Gurry and Adam Zwar. We’ll all be watching to see whether Ben Mendelsohn survived the cliffhanger ending of the first series. tangle_2

Satisfaction, Series 3
Tuesdays, 8.30pm, Showcase (FOXTEL)

Returning to the high class Melbourne brothel ‘232’, this season sees regulars Kestie Morassi, Alison Whyte and Madeleine West joined by a host of hot guest stars like Asher Keddie, Sophie Lowe and Damon Herriman. Prostitution has never looked more squeaky clean and glamorous than in this series which has sold to over 70 territories including Canada, Ireland, Israel and France. satisfaction






Poh’s Kitchen
Wednesdays, 6.30pm, ABC 1

Poh's Kitchen Obsession with celebrity chefs marches on into the new year with 2009 Master Chef runner-up, Poh Ling Yeow, continuing her small screen culinary journey in Poh’s Kitchen. Playing the bubbly host to various guest chefs who will divulge saucy secrets and tasty titbits, the series also has Poh travelling around Australia collecting and road-testing new and exciting recipes. Poh’s Kitchen replaces The Cook and the Chef.

MasterChef 2 and Junior MasterChef
Mondays, 7.30pm, Ten

Master Chef Australia Season 2 Given the runaway success of Channel Ten’s unexpected hit of 2009, it’s no surprise that MasterChef returns to our screens, revamped and refranchised. Having already conquered audience polls on the ‘Celebrity’ front, George Calombaris, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan launch their creation into the world of children’s programming. MasterChef Junior features a pint-sized cook-off designed to educate kids in the art of preparing food, healthy eating and self sufficiency. MasterChef 2 promises more of the same tense kitchen battles and food fights as its predecessor. With a peak viewership of 4.1 million viewers last year, Ten are no doubt hoping all slices of the MasterChef pie continue to tempt audiences. Croquembouche challenge, ahoy!

My Kitchen Rules
Now concluded, Mondays & Tuesdays, 7.30pm, Seven

My Kitchen Rules Even the humble dinner party got the big slick network makeover as Seven served up the first series of My Kitchen Rules, where skilled suburbanites vied for amateur-chef glory and $100,000 amid three-course chaos and interstate rivalry. With one night to impress their rivals and celebrity chef judges, Peter Evans and Manu Feildel, each team transformed their home into a restaurant and battled against the clock. The search is now on for contestants for the next series.

Hungry Beast
Wednesdays, 9.00pm, ABC 1

Hungry Beast The Beast is Back! Season two of the Denton-mentored monster delivers a leaner, meaner and hungrier beast than before with the original team of 19 (!) presenters trimmed down to just four. However, the song remains the same: push all the boundaries and tell us something new. Invading every facet of online space (Twitter, Flickr, Podcast and an ongoing blog) which promises limitless audience involvement, Hungry Beast also aims to be a fully interactive nation-wide discussion panel for users to submit their own stories and videos. Love the Beast!

Sleuth 101
Sundays, 6.30pm, ABC1

Sleuth 101 Based on a British TV show, Whodunnit!, Cal Wilson hosts this eccentric role-playing concept where celebrity sleuths don the deerstalker and magnifying glass to catch the crook behind a murder mystery. Equal parts Thank God Your Here and Cluedo, guests attempt to unravel the foul plot using a mixture of witness interrogation, flashbacks and forensic evidence in front of a live studio audience. Novel ideas to be sure, but detectives like Dave O’Neil, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley are likely to crack more smiles than cases.

Strictly Speaking

Stricly Speakin Scattered far and wide since their Chaser days, 2010 finds the Chaser boys indulging in all manner of gigs. Least predictable though is this oddball effort from Andrew Hansen, he of the tinkling ivories and anti-gravity side fringe. Battling for the unofficial title of Australia’s Best Public Speaker, three contestants will verbally joust it out each episode in a mouth-off to end all mouth-offs.

Hey Hey it’s Saturday
Wednesdays, from 14 April, Nine, 7.30pm

Hey Hey its Saturday Catapulted by the ratings success of two reunion specials, Hey Hey It’s Saturday is resurrected in 2010 by Nine, who are hoping to reinvigorate the anarchic vaudeville of the show’s most popular era. Daryl Somers returns as host with a new cast of characters.

Like a Virgin

Former radio presenter and Age Green Guide columnist Marieke Hardy, is the writer and creator of this new television series. The show will follow the trials and tribulations of 29-year-old-market researcher and good-time gal, Roo McVie, whose ex-boyfriends start dropping off in mysterious circumstances. With her lovers going from between the sheets to beneath the dirt, Roo and her flatmate, EJ, set about to catch a serial killer with bad taste in men. Hardy, who also contributes to Packed to the Rafters, was involved in the scripting of the sadly under-watched Last Man Standing (2005).

:30 Seconds, Series 2
TBA, The Comedy Channel, Foxtel

30 Seconds From Andrew Denton’s production company Zapruder’s Other Films comes this satirical comedy set in the dastardly world of a fictional advertising company. The second series is likely to go into production soon, starring Gyton Grantley, Kat Stewart, Stephen Curry, Peter O’Brien and Joel Tobeck.

Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
Saturdays, 6.30pm, Nine

Australia's funniest home videos Can’t get enough of bozos on motorcycles crashing into trees? Cats attacking babies? Gratuitous crotch shots? Just too lazy to hire a movie? Never mind – Shelly Craft hosts more slapstick shtick for the new year. Although turning 21 in 2010, AFHVS shows little sign of coming-of-age and remains a highly popular diversion.

Good News Week
Mondays, 8:30pm, Ten

Good news for everybody: the cheeky Paul McDermott, sassy Claire Hooper and Mikey Robins are back to sift through the week’s headlines mining for comedy gold whilst their rival teams face off for news trivia glory. The provocative wit and clever quips that characterises the show’s best moments often give way to savage jibes about Australia’s media and political scene. Guaranteed to run overtime.

Wilfred, Season 2
Mondays, 10.00pm, SBS 1

WIlfred Wilfred makes his long-awaited return to SBS this year. This new season of the cult hit finds the mischievous mutt, his owner Sarah and her boyfriend Adam at war again in their dysfunctional love triangle. With Sarah and Adam’s impending marriage, Wilfred engages in all manner of psychological torture to torment the hapless Adam on his way to the altar. The new season will also see guest appearances from Sarah’s nudist parents, Richmond’s sexiest cat and a multitude of mangy mutts eager to aid Wilfred in his quest. Good doggies!

Wednesdays from 21 April, 9.00pm, ABC1

Lowdown The multi-talented Adam Zwar pops up again as co-creator, writer and star of a very different comedy series, this time set in the world of celebrity tabloid journalism. Zwar’s own background as a showbiz journalist for the Sunday Herald Sun inspires the storylines in Lowdown, an ABC comedy that also stars Kim Gyngell, Paul Denny, Beth Buchanan and Julia Zemiro – and boasts Geoffrey Rush as narrator.

Spicks and Specks
Wednesdays, 8.30pm, ABC 1

Spicks and Specks ABC pumps out another series of the mental-as-anything Spicks and Specks which promises more music trivia madness. Adam Hills, Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst all return to their familiar roles.

Saturdays, 9.30pm, SBS

Rockwiz SBS’s exuberantly scrappy RocKwiz also soldiers on – but any excuse will do for more of the feisty Julia Zemiro on our screens. Adjudicated by Brian Nankervis and featuring the in-house Orkestra, RocKwiz is all the fun of pub trivia night at the Espy beamed into your living room. Maybe it’s the classic no-frills approach, Brian’s lax attitude to scoring, Julia’s jerky dancing and the superior musical guests that keep RocKwiz a step ahead of its Specky sibling (in my humble opinion) – or maybe it’s the sight of roadie Dugald McAndrew’s hairy armpits as he holds up the scorecards that keeps me off the streets on Saturday nights.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Sundays, 7.30pm, Ten

After years of hits and misses, false starts and unrenewed contracts, Shaun Micallef has finally found a format worthy of his eccentric style of comedy. Your Gen’ was a surprise smash for Ten last year and Micallef, Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas are back on board this year.







We’ve already seen some great documentaries screened this year, especially on ABC1: the compelling Inside the Firestorm: On Year On with its devastating eyewitness accounts of Victoria’s 2009 bushfires; Fire Talker: the Life and Times of Charlie Perkins, a superb biopic about the outspoken indigenous political activist; Artscape:Salt, a spectacularly beautiful and moving account of photo artist Murray Fredrick’s work in South Australia’s Lake Eyre; and Contact, an intriguing account of a lone Aboriginal tribe who first encountered patrol officers as recently as 1964.


On SBS, the four-part documentary series Angels in New York followed two Australian rookie producers in their attempt to take unknown show, Angels, straight to Broadway. A very different musical project was documented in the three-part BiPolar Bears (also SBS) a story of a Melbourne band whose members struggle with mental illness and search for a talented front man who can take them to the top.

Looking forward, don’t miss Kokoda (starts Thursday, 22 April, 8.30pm, ABC1), a two-part documentary about the brutal World War II campaign fought between Australia and Japan in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. Told from both the Japanese and Australian perspectives, the series visits the rugged terrain and interviews veterans from both sides.

Another documentary to check out is The Inquisition (Thursday, 6 May, 8.30pm, ABC1). Here award winning filmmakers Rachel Landers and Dylan Blowen investigate the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police Force between 1994 and 1997, bringing together major players for the first time in 12 years.

We’ll also be eagerly waiting to see what emerges from the next round of Triple J TV Docs. The initiative from ABC TV and Screen Australia has already produced work like last year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd, Searching 4 Sandeep and Playing in the Shadows. Expect lots more from this youthful documentary fund.


Food, Gardens & Travel


Gourmet Farmer
Screened February and March, SBS 1

More foodie fun but with a twist. Sydney-based restaurant critic Matthew Evans swaps city living for a farm in rural Tasmania. Having spent years writing about good food, Matt now goes straight to the source to learn as much as possible about rearing healthy livestock and growing tasty veggies. The aim is for Matt to become a small industry unto himself, growing restaurant quality produce and serving it up to his friends and neighbours, cultivating a personal connection with the food he eats every day. Gourmet Farmer

Costa’s Garden Odyssey
Thursdays, 8.00pm, SBS 1

Back and more bearded than ever, home-grown garden guru Costa takes us on his continuing odyssey around Australia’s backyards. Costa revels in his boundless enthusiasm for all things organic and enviro-friendly, and this season will feature a new segment, Backyard Revolution, where Costa will transform a family’s suburban back patch into a sustainable mini-ecosystem, as well as providing viewers with helpful hints to transform their own gardens into a private Eden.

Costa's Garden


Current Affairs for Citizens


Mondays, 9.35pm, ABC 1

Insightful, incisive and unscripted, the ABC’s Q&A lives up to its promise of “democracy in action” by creating an open dialogue between politicians, journalists and the public. Tony Jones presides over a weekly panel that includes Ministers from all political sides who are grilled by the studio (and Twitter) audience on matters of policy, decision making and the impact of Government on the people. Q & A

Tuesdays, 7.30pm, SBS1

Experienced journalist Jenny Brockie brings her expert interviewing skills and personable manner to this excellent debate show that each week tackles a different subject. Insiders and ‘ordinary’ Australians sit in the audience and offer their competing perspectives. Recent topics have included infidelity, fixing hospitals and the housing crisis. Always worth a watch.



Reality & Game Shows


Ultimate School Musical: Fame
Premieres Tues 20 April, 7.30pm, FOX 8

Winners of an Australia-wide competition, the students of Essendon Keilor College in Melbourne star in this 10-part reality series as they attempt to stage a production of Fame: the Musical. Hosted by Ruby Rose, the students from Year 7- 12 will undergo weeks of strenuous rehearsal that culminates in a nationally televised performance of the show’s opening night. And you thought exams were pressure! The show will also feature producer John Frost, choreographer Kelley Abbey and director Eddie Perfect (of Shane Warne: the Musical).

Ultimate School Musical: Fame



Other shows to watch out for include:

  • The Real Hustle (Nine), hosted by Gyton Grantley, revealing the sly tactics, sneaky scams and dirty tricks used every day by shysters and grafters
  • new seasons of Project Runway: Australia, Australia’s Next top Model will screen on Foxtel
  • RPA and Domestic Blitz return to Nine
  • more fat fighters on The Biggest Loser: Couples
  • and the talent quest continues with return seasons of So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Seven) and Australian Idol (Ten).





Prank Patrol
Weeknights, 4.55pm, ABC 3

Prank Patrol ABC 3 is coming off the back of an excellent year with a commanding lead over the competition: the top rated day-time program among 5-12s with a weekly reach of 1.4 million viewers. Given that it’s still early days for the kids-only channel, there’s bound to be more surprises in store – and most of them will be dished out by the team at Prank Patrol. Scotty Tweedie and his cheeky team of naughty ninjas set out in their van to prank the pants off the unsuspecting public.

Weekdays from 27 April, 11.15am , ABC3

Letterbox This half-hour game show promises to be one-of-a-kind. Each week three students aged 10-12 will answer questions about spelling and grammar and are tested on their skills and knowledge of Indigenous language. Letterbox is specifically designed for primary aged students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin and features educational prizes from Macquarie Dictionary. Hosted by actor and country music star, Adam James.

Weeknights 3.50pm ABC 1, Daily 11.45am ABC 2

Dirtgirlworld Celebrate life outdoors with Dirtgirl and her backyard full of friends! The show’s lively spirit, ‘have-a-go’ attitude and eclectic soundtrack invite kids to explore their natural surroundings, get outside and enjoy some dirty playtime. With a kooky visual style that comprises animation, photomontage and illustration, getting grubby has never looked so good.

CJ the DJ
Check website for screenings, ABC 3

CJ the DJ Get ready to get mixed up as CJ the DJ brings the noise in this award-winning series on ABC 3. At 13, CJ is already hot on the decks, mixing and scratching in her bedroom and gigging around her local neighbourhood and working at her local record shop. Bored at school and totally addicted to bass, the purple-haired party chick dreams of funkadelic fun as a professional DJ. This slick animation features music contributions from Noel Burgess (Vision Four-5), Spiderbait, Infusion, Bexta, Walter Meego and Little Birdy. Pump it up!

Dance Academy

Dance Academy Welcome to Dance Academy: are you ready for your life to begin? When you’re nearly sixteen, life is rarely simple; what if you had to grow up and chase your dream at the same time? Dance Academy is a series about a group of ordinary teenagers who are pushing themselves to the limit as they fight to achieve extraordinary things. If you thought a dance school was all about pink tutus and pretty pointy shoes you’re dead wrong. From the producers of H2O: Just Add Water and The Elephant Princess, this 26-part series is one to look out for.

Dead Gorgeous
Mondays from 12 April, 5.20pm, ABC1
Encore screening weekdays, 8pm, ABC3.

Dead Georgeos The Ainsworth sisters, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel died in the mid 1800s and are given a second chance to experience life as teenagers 150 years later, under the guidance of their ghostly guardian, Agatha. The girls return to their stately home to find it is now Ainsbury House, an international co-ed boarding school. Here they must survive amongst the living, without being discovered and deal with a clash of culture and manners. No matter how hard they try to blend in with the crowd, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel stand out in a world filled with foreign objects like television, iPods, computers and boys. This ABC/BBC co-production combines fantasy with timeless themes of friendship and acceptance.

William and Sparkles’ Magical Tales
Weekdays, 3.30pm, Nine

William and Sparkles's Magical Tales Nine’s new live-action kid’s series is set in an enchanted forest, where Sparkles the fairy and William the wizard will use their mastery of magic to cause mirth and mayhem to the delight of preschoolers everywhere. Starring talented up-and-coming actors Laura Murphy and James Buckingham and buoyed by guest appearances from Australian acting veterans Barry Crocker, Alan Flower and Chelsea Plumbly.



Other Aussie kids’ shows to look out for include: repeats of My Place, the story several generations of Australian children who live in the same place for 130 years; and new seasons of Dogstar and The Elephant Princess which are in production this year and due in 2011.





Where would the Australian screen industry be without soaps, those training grounds for young talent, providing endless dramas enacted in our local accents. The classics endure.


Weeknights, 6.30pm, Ten

2010 marks the 25th Anniversary Season of Neighbours, although you’d have hardly guessed anything’s changed at all except the revolving door cast of teens and tweens dropping in and out of the pop charts and into each other’s arms. Last year saw the return of two key cast members, Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine) and Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha) and more surprises are in store for 2010. Neighbours

Home & Away

Weeknights, 7.00pm, Seven

Seven’s telecast of the Australian Open was flooded with glossy close-ups of sunburnt buff boys and blonde beach babes first-basing on the golden shores of the ‘Bay of Love.’ Home & Away seems destined to follow the road well travelled this year as romantic entanglements make for turbulent waters. Home and Away

Packed to the Rafters
TBA, Seven

Packed to the Rafters isalso set to return in 2010 with a third season. Having already garnered 2 AFI Award nominations in its short life, the continuing dramas of the Rafter family will no doubt continue to enthral as their ever-extending brood learns to live and love together. Pack to the Rafters





We’ll be keeping an eye out for the following shows in late 2010 and 2011:


Angry Boys

Chris Lilley’s follow-up to Summer Heights High will be a multi-network affair, jointly produced by ABC, HBO and BBC. The overload of network cash confirms Lilley’s status as Australia’s hottest talent and production begins in Melbourne this year. Rumour mill mongers predict the return of Jonah Takalua.

East West 101

The AFI-Award winning drama has been renewed and production will start this year on a third season which is due out 2011


Richard Roxburgh stars as criminal defence barrister Cleaver Greene, an anti-hero lawyer who defends the indefensible, from bigamists to cannibals to everything in between. Apparently he’s a “champion of the lost cause...both in the court room and the bedroom. The ABC’s new eight-part drama is directed by four of Australia’s most accomplished directors: Peter Duncan, Cate Shortland, Jeffrey Walker and Jessica Hobbs and is co-written by Peter Duncan and Andrew Knight. It looks like a lot of fun.


The word is that this 13-part family drama series will go into production in May, with Asher Keddie starring as a 30-something obstetrician with a fabulously messy family life. Other stars include Don Hany, John Waters, Kat Stewart and Deb Mailman.

Cops: LAC

Cops: LAC A new drama series about the fast-paced lives of a bunch of uniformed and plain clothes cops begins photography in May. These police cover the inner city, harbour-side and eastern beaches of Sydney and so they see it all, from the high life to the low life. Set to screen later in 2010, Cops: LAC stars Kate Richie, Martin Dingle Wall, Denise Roberts, Gary Sweet, Roy Billing and Damian de Montemas.



So much to watch and so little time. Keep up to date with regular schedule changes and TV news by clicking on the following links. And read your fortnightly AFI e-newsletter for selected Australian TV highlights. Happy viewing!


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